Practice with real patients in the office

Biomechanics with TADs and Auxiliary Techniques

In this course we will explore all the advanced biomechanics tips with aligners in adult patients. At the end of your stay with Dr. Palma, you will have learned and acquired the protocols to treat any type of malocclusion in adult patients. By doing so, you will gain the confidence necessary to solve any case you have to face it successfully, despite its complexity.


Join and learn the techniques of Dr. Susana Palma

real patients

Practice with real patients developed and explained by Dr. Susana Palma in her own clinic.

TADs & Aligners

Learn auxiliary techniques and personalized protocols to achieve the greatest precision and efficiency in your treatments.

First line

You will be able to experience first-hand the coordination and organization of Dr. Susana Palma's orthodontic team. They will share tips and experiences with you.

From the hand of

Susana Palma

CEO & International Speaker

He was part of the first group of certified doctors who, in 2001, began studying and gaining experience in the use of aligners. It has contributed to the training of thousands of doctors around the world.

Hear the previous experiences of other doctors

Dr. María Hernández - Orthodontist

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