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one to one


“Personalized Consulting Service with Dr. Susana Palma”

Are you a doctor and do you face complicated cases or treatments that cause uncertainty? With our ONE TO ONE service you will find personalized advice from Dr. Palma.

In this one-hour individual session, conducted through an online meeting, Dr. Palma will focus on up to 2/3 cases (depending on their complexity) that you previously submitted to us. This allows the doctor to carefully prepare cases and offer you the best treatment approach for your patients.

During the session, Dr. Palma will present you with a detailed presentation of the cases, complemented with examples of similar cases that she has faced in her professional experience. This presentation will not only help you better understand the treatment options, but will also allow you to visualize real cases and their final treatment.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to ask all your questions and doubts related to the cases presented. Dr. Palma will be available to provide you with clear answers and expert guidance in real time.

Once you have submitted the cases, we will arrange a convenient date when both you and Dr. Palma are available for the session. This service is designed to offer you maximum flexibility and personalized attention in your professional development.



Your opinion matters

Dr Farah Alam
Dr Farah Alam
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"The service was brilliant, Dr Palma went through all my cases in such detail and provided me with the material to look at her notes and recommendations before which I found very helpful and also attaching cases similar so I could see how she treated her cases. It was so so much better than 1-2-1s I have had with other Dr's and I will definitely recommend and book again if I need to discuss my cases. Thank you once again for providing a brilliant service."
Kristina Rastiniene
Kristina Rastiniene
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"I found the one-on-one consultation with Dr. Susana Palma very beneficial. She discussed in detail the situation of my patients as well as their treatment plans. I appreciate that she shared with me experiences from her practice. I have gained further insight on how to modify 3D treatment plans and communicate with dental technicians. This is a particularly effective way of learning for me, because during the planning of the treatments I have learned many tips that I will further apply in my practice. I will be using this service again. Thank you, Dr. Susana and the whole team for the opportunity to learn."