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Implants Campaign 10/18/23

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We have treated more than 18,000 patients and we have 20 years of experience in dental implantology. 

conscious sedation

Our safe and effective technique allows you to remain awake and responsive during the procedure, but in a state of deep calm.

Best brand on the market

Our commitment to excellence leads us to work with the highest quality materials, backed by our globally recognized brand.

Lifetime warranty

We give you peace of mind and confidence. We are committed to keeping your smile radiant, backing our services with long-lasting protection.

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We offer you the best conditions to prioritize your dental well-being and provide you with convenient options to fit you.

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My experience at the Susana Palma Clinic was exceptional. The dental implant process was flawless and painless. The team was professional and friendly, and the results are amazing. I effectively recovered my smile and functionality. Highly recommended.

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Of course! Enjoy your favorite foods with confidence and comfort, knowing that your teeth are firm and functional.

Easy to clean and maintain, they give you a healthy, long-lasting smile, without worrying about cavities or periodontal diseases.

Our dental implants provide a firm, long-lasting hold, keeping your teeth in place and allowing you to enjoy a confident, confident smile.

Undoubtedly! Recover your complete and functional smile, with aesthetic and long-lasting results that will make you feel good about yourself.

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Implants Campaign 10/18/23

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