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New look at orthodontics: Occlusion and posture

Speaker: Fernando Morcillo

Module 1: June 23-24.
Module 2: September 15-16.

Bet on the recovery of your patients

The training aims to present professionals with an integrative vision of health, with a practical theoretical model of posturology and its relationship with occlusion, whose main benefits are: learning to value orthodontics within a postural treatment and facilitating the process. and patient recovery.

Occlusal Relationship and Posture

You will learn about the health triangle and range of biological tolerance. When is orthodontics appropriate? Orthodontic – osteopathy relationship. Oral examination and TMJ. (Major occlusal stress).

Postural Analysis

This section will include evaluation of the osteoposturoclusal system and we will analyze photos and postural evaluation prior to treatment. Body scan. Painful points. And its practical part (Evaluation, exploration, mobilities).

Applied/dental kinesiology

From the muscular chains and musculo-tendinous chains through the muscular chains in orthodontics. To determine the orthodontic dental treatment and the vertical dimension. Without forgetting the practical part!

Analysis of occlusal deprogramming

Meersseman test (with practices included). Check splints during treatment. We will also discuss how to assess in case of pain and possible options and the determination of ascending, descending and mixed pathologies, among others!

Only the best ones Trainers

The training is designed so that each participant learns to perform a postural evaluation of patients, do the kinesiological muscle test and work on the individual vertical dimension in orthodontic treatments. The purpose is to be able to analyze the main issues that determine postural imbalance and carry out a priority kinesiological postural diagnosis.

Do not let them tell you!


"I learned a lot about how the position of the jaw can affect posture and how postural alterations can affect dental occlusion. Fernando is a great expert on the subject and offers practical and effective teaching. I recommend this course without hesitation."


"The clinical cases are very illustrative and allow us to understand the relationship between occlusion and posture in clinical practice. In addition, the teaching methodology is very interactive and participatory, which makes learning more enjoyable and effective. I highly recommend it .


"This occlusion and posture course is excellent. The contents are very complete and are based on the most recent scientific evidence. The multidisciplinary approach is very valuable, since the relationship between dental occlusion and posture is addressed from different perspectives."

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Don't let it pass you by, both you and your patients will appreciate it. 👏🏼

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