In this new course, Dr. Palma puts the focus and teaches you all her protocols and tips learned during her experience of more than 20 years and her more than 2000 cases treated with invisible orthodontics, this module being part of the Master taught by the doctor in Madrid that consists of three modules.

This third module is focused on Biomechanics with and without auxiliary techniques in adult patients and multidisciplinary treatments. In addition to protocols for cases of asymmetries and Dr. Palma’s clinical preferences for effective communication with technicians.

For a more complete training, we recommend that you take the three modules that make up your Master, since, if you take all three modules, you will get your book on “Clinical Orthodontics with Aligners”, in addition to getting a treatment planning service carried out by your team, in case you want. In this case, you can also benefit from being able to ask your team all your questions during the time the Master lasts.

If you purchase two modules, your new Growing Patients guide is included.

27 - 28 June - 2024

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