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Biomechanics with aligners, attachments, protocols, features.

In this book, Dr. Palma outlines common tools shared by both IDS (Invisalign) and I-Orthos (Angel Aligners), establishing a foundation for understanding the nuances of aligners’ biomechanics and specialized protocols to address a myriad of malocclusions. This guide provides a roadmap for success with a consistent approach, emphasizing that the biomechanics remain constant irrespective of the aligner Brand, being an indispensable resource for orthodontists seeking excellence in their cases.


Dr. Palma is a pioneer in Spain with the invisible orthodontic technique with aligners
She belongs to the first class of certified doctors in Spain in 2001. She has trained thousands of doctors from all over the world in this technique. In 2015, she was awarded the first international prize for her excellent results and biomechanical management in the orthodontic technique with aligners. Today, she is one of the most important international speakers in this technique.

New book of Dr. Susana Palma


3rd Edition Available now!

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